Dr. Poddar’s Clinic, situated in Kolkata and Siliguri, is a name well-known for offering high-end solutions and aesthetic treatments for skin and hair problems. The expert services range from hair regeneration treatment, tattoo removal, acne treatment, skin tightening and fairness treatment in Kolkata, permanent hair removal and slimming treatment that gives instant result.

Dr. Poddar and His Team

The leadingaesthetic clinic is led by Dr. Dipankar Poddar,a well-known Consultant Dermatologist, Venereologist, Cosmetologist, Physician and Surgeon. His clinic is an amalgamation of superior technology and experienced hands that led to best skin and hair treatment in Kolkata. Being located in the posh locality of Kolkata, you can easily reach the clinic from any part of Kolkata and beyond.
The comprehensive skin and hair care clinic had its inception in the year 2009. Dr. Poddar and his experienced team use their decade of experience to examine patients, understand their requirements, communicate with patients about the honest outcomes and provide solutions that noticeably brings a huge Before-and-After effect. Dr. Poddar is a:

Mission Statement

The team of well experienced dermatologists deal with all sorts of skin problems; and patients are also quite happy with the results. And why they shouldn’t be? Where else they will find such interactive counselling sessions, transparent treatment briefs and numerous options to choose the outcome they desire! Not only cosmetic solutions; the dermatological treatments are also offered for serious skin disorders like STDs, Leprosy, Vitiligo and more.
If you wish to restore your youth and get an ever glowing face, all you need is a blemish, acne-free, smooth skin. We offer one of the quickest and most effective acne treatment in Kolkata that gives you wonderful skin, and the best part is once you are done your treatment, there are least chances of recurrence.
The treatments offered are clinically proven and tested, backed by latest and cutting edge technologies. The credit behind the huge success of the clinic and its happy clients goes to Dr. Poddar and his experienced team. With his hard work and dedication, innovative, high-class skin and hair care solutions are now accessible to common people.
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